Beirem Ben Barrah
Hola, I’m Beirem

entrepreneur – ecosystem builder – connector

What I stand for

We all have a limited time here🌍 I spend mine building an ecosystem that helps proactive bright minds positively impact the world on a bigger scale.

That sounds big, but it starts small. 🍄Shroomie helps Dutch students learn more effectively. 🧠Neurofied makes marketing more persuasive with insights from neuropsychology. And 💬Think Tank United (TTU) is a community of leaders and influencers that help each other grow their positive impact.

It’s funny how hard it is to truly understand yourself, let alone others. I hope this page will give you an eagle-eye view on the life of Beirem. Books, conversations, and adventures teach me loads and some wisdom nuggets are worth spreading 🚀

Creation. Connection. Growth.

Beirem Ben Barrah


Main projects

Shroomie logo


Healthy supplement for Dutch students that improves focus and memory.

Neurofied logo


Applied neuromarketing agency for eCommerce and startups


Think Tank United

Community of wide-ranging bright minds that positively impact the world

Some of my passions

Learning and teaching

Learning is key to growth. It’s about understanding the reality we live in and shaping the world around us. Regardless of your mission, learning is the path to excellence. This metaskill allows you to achieve your goals faster and is worthwhile to master.

Knowledge becomes more as it is shared. And since every grand mission needs people to work together, teaching is an essential skill for any true leader. The bigger the audience you can effectively teach at once, the more value you will add. Learn to teach.


Psychology and the Brain

It’s all about people. We tend to forget this, but whatever your goal, you need to persuade people to realize it. Persuasion is communication. And since psychology is the root of all communication, studying this topic will help you grow your impact.

When learning about the human mind, you quickly realize that we can train our own brain. Understanding neuroplasticity and cognitive biases will give you an edge in learning and performing more effectively. Personally, I’m drawn by its complexity and hooked by its value.


Many great ideas don’t improve our lives because nobody brings them to life. That’s where entrepreneurs come in. They look for great ideas and turn problems into opportunities. The best part? We can learn from and strengthen each other.

The key is in working hard, smart, and knowing when to pivot or persevere. Still, anyone that aims to have a positive impact will benefit from understanding concepts like expert generalists, 10X thinking, and principled decision-making.


Exponential technologies

Life is accelerating. Our linear minds can’t keep up with the exponential change around us. While sensors, software, and networks are eating the world, those at the heart of this revolution are designing our future. What is the ‘heart then? Turns out this beast has many.

Once technologies are digitized, they jump on a multiple of Moore’s Law. As their value skyrockets, proactive organizations are growing their impact by leveraging them. How much do you know about AI, IoT, VR, 3D printing and Brain-Computer Interfaces?

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“Among the biggest digital change-agents under 26”

2x T500 by TNW (’17 & ’18)

Enough about me

How can I help you?

Now that you’re here, you made me curious. What is your mission? And how can I support you? Let me know and let’s make it happen.